Romanian designer Carmen Emanuela Popa will present the new collection at LONDON FASHION WEEK 12-14 June 2021

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The Winner S/S 2022


Today's social context makes us stronger or very weaker. Rhythm transformations and a previous dynamic shape us and make our memory more fluid. Thus we appeal to history to assimilate the present.

We are witnessing a transgression from one ethnic group to another from one culture to another, many identities are being reconfigured. We live at the dawn of a freedom of civilization in which categories of people, until yesterday, disadvantaged, are now touched by a ray of light that entitles them to a dignified life. But this cannot be fully manifested if we do not know their culture and their affective-deontological dependencies.

In essence, we all overflow with the same desire, that of moral and spiritual comfort. Society can help us in terms of integration to achieve a materially facilitated life. Man's needs have changed compared to previous centuries in this regard, but also those related to his inner universe?

This collection talks about the union of past and present worlds, adds something to history and borrows something from it. It displays simple forms of draping like the Roman ones, the two-piece sports outfits have been unified in a contemporary robe with the allure of a hierarchical character. Medals from various fabrics, numbers in dissolution, here is a picture of contemporary individuality. Sports drapes, the cancellation of the conventional pattern, glam and shine fabrics suggest a significant change of everything that had been imprinted in our consciousness until now. The metaphor is prefigured by the tandem between style and interpretation of materialities. Generous matte / glossy sequined surfaces match the stretch sports suite. Cuts and irregular quilts impose a visual state of continuous transformation, that of work in progress. The combination of an oversized sports shoe with aerodynamic elements places us in the context of a free start to replace the initial destination.

The philosophy of man in 2022 is one configured on the principle of an extended freedom in terms of self-expression. His inner universe is augmented and ambushed, so that he knows ineffable feelings, recalibrates his sentimental force and that of his own becoming, in the middle of an urban that rushes into his mind with an accumulation of information meant to build them like a Lego game, a pedestal. He dedicates himself to participating in a competition that awaits his performances. But, most of the time, they remain in an unexposed form, in the variant of an inviolable truth.