s one of the few events that brings together effervescent minds under a common goal, to unite creativity with the aesthetic needs of a real or imaginary consumer, to build a world dominated by the vibe of freedom and hope that innovation and beauty in new forms of expression will
lead it.
Romanian designer Carmen Emanuela Popa will participate with a new collection within LFW 17-21 September 2021 at the Profile Designer Section.

As in an unknown garden, man imagines himself in a symbiosis with the other living things, in a dance that highlights the aesthetic dimension of nature. The urban is a hybrid of the habitat that includes the hyperbolic knowledge of animal species and that amazes through the visual universe, a revelation of a fragile technique and memorable.
Sportswear, which includes a symbolism of dynamics, of an exercise extrapolated under various actions, finds similarities in the attitude of insects that propagate through their very existential mode the concept of freedom space, of cognitive pattern that allows them to act in prompt ways, a behavior that situates beyond hesitation. Perhaps man, in his urban digressions, omits destination as an algorithmic form of destiny. Maybe, in his rational labyrinth, he needs simple decision-making levers, a natural personal on which to build his honeycombs.
FUSION is an allusion to ecosystems that we must pass through consciousness and admit that everything that belongs to nature must be treated with the utmost seriousness and piety.
Man must live this twinning with nature by building biospheres at the level of intention, as if the world projected by a beautiful mind can live indefinitely.
FUSION is an ideational projection, an interdisciplinary discourse in favor of an aesthetic communion of two entities from different kingdoms and environments that, by valuing recognizable elements from the two worlds, the natural and the hybridized urban, to exploit the means of artistic expression in the postmodern fashion phenomenon.
The suggested attitude of the drama, of a sadness look, amplifies the compassionate need of the human but also of the other living beings, in equal measure. Vulnerability is a unanimously general feature and is only a matter of chance if it can provide a pedestal of innocence, with all the grandeur and luxury of the natural of what is and should remain incorruptible and inviolable, or if it exposes all that is alive in stripping / no defense in the face of an unlikely enemy.
Life will continue with all its simplicity and complexity, somewhere and everywhere, with its arrangement for contemplation, for a fusion of pluriform intelligence, for an exchange of experiences that will help the world to empathize and be loyal to the universe.
A vast sample of insects from the world wears a garment made of waterproof materials, elastic fabrics, high-tech fluorescent, nets and accessories specific to the dynamics of sportswear in an interpretation of shapes and volume of zoomorphic anatomy. The close-up vision of the concept increases the undersized details of the insect body.
Insects borrow not only a human outfit but also its existential sadness, an allure that, perhaps, is not foreign to them, but which they wear with dignity and easiness.