National University of Arts, Bucharest / Fashion Design Department / Exhibition hosted by MNAR

Carmen Emanuela Popa
is present in this Exhibition with the work Bionis from her master's studies at the National University of Arts Bucharest, Fashion Design Department.

" Bionis " is a representation of the contemporary being in a biotic allure that reveals the fragility of his human state, the twinning with the vegetable kingdom by accepting his condition and a destiny status. The biomorphic structure is an allusion to the overwhelming beauty of nature that is permanently contained inside and outside by the human being. The meticulous approach of the textile field, as well as the fluent line that follows the grace of the human body, build an image of timeless beauty that propagates you in poetic worlds that combine the emotion of nostalgia with the bustle of the present.


PRESS RELEASE / 50 Years. Bucharest Fashion Design School

In the period 07/07/2021 - 05/09/2021 the National Museum of Art of Romania presents in the exhibition " 50 Years. Bucharest Fashion Design School ", a synthesis of the activity of the professors and students from the Fashion Department within the National University of Arts Bucharest (UNArte).

The event follows the exhibitions that marked, at the National Museum of Art of Romania, the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest, now UNArte, and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Design Department of UNArte.

The current presentation is grafted on the display elements organized by the Creative District within Romanian Design Weeek, in the idea of ​​continuing to highlight the contribution of Romanian creativity to the configuration of contemporary design.

The exhibition includes a wide selection of clothing that has been admired in prestigious international events, costume installations, video presentations and fashion illustrations.

It is the first time that visitors have the opportunity to explore the richness of styles - from conventional to artistic and experimental - visions that offer the public the opportunity to discover countless ways to build the human image.

The design of the exhibition space is made by the Cumulus Architecture Office with the support of the Creative District & UniCredit Bank.

National Art Museum of Romania
, Ground Floor of the National Gallery
Bucharest / Calea Victoriei 49-53
Time Schedule
Wednesday - Sunday | 10:00 - 18:00

Image Source: Carmen Emanuela Popa ( " Bionis "  Middle of image / Master 2015, Coordinating teacher Unda Popp )