By Romanian Cultural Institute in London

Carmen Emanuela Popa at LFW: Metaphorical Language and Conceptual Design. London Fashion Week June 2022 is running from 11 to 13th of June as a digital physical hybrid.    

This season will bring together once again fashion, culture and technology in a celebration of the creativity and innovation London is known for.  LFW will showcase some of the best creative emerging talent across 20 physical activations and 14 digital activations. - LFW

Carmen Emanuela Popa is a Romanian fashion designer known for her strong conceptual design, embark on a journey through the fashion world from vast philosophical influences, creating unique and visually challenging images, transmitting emotion and humanistic messages. 

Her latest works are on London Fashion Week official Platform in June 2022. Fat X Collection is on display at the Profile Designer section. From the September 2020 Season she has been a designer with a constant participation at LFW. 

Carmen Emanuela Popa is invited by the Romanian Cultural Institute in London to reveal her tireless approach in the field of conceptual fashion and her sources of inspiration, as well as the parallels between her work and participation in LFW.

ICR London will broadcast the presentation film of the Fat X collection on Sunday 12 June 2022, at 10.00.

“ The immaterial beauty that defines the human spirit it affects the material, the aesthetic versatility can be transfigured by means of visual metaphorical language, thus changing the perception of diversity that sets us apart but does not rank. Untapped virtues or undiscovered they are the X component of the urban that can it changes the mood of the contemporary world.“ - Carmen Emanuela Popa